Aide to Colin Powell: Trump’s Tactics With Iran Are a ‘Danger’ to US

aide to colin powell trumps tactics with iran are a danger to us
Aide to Colin Powell: Trump's Tactics With Iran Are a 'Danger' to US

A retired Army colonel told Hill.TV on Tuesday that the U.S. violated the nuclear agreement with Iran, and that President Donald Trump’s tactics with the terrorist nation are “a real danger” to the U.S.

Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Ret. Gen. Colin Powell, said that the tactics Trump used with North Korea won’t have the same effect on Iran.

“If Trump’s purpose is, as with Kim Jong Un, to through bellicosity and rhetoric, to bring Iran to a negotiating position once again, where he can ‘achieve a better deal,’ I think he’s going to fail, and I think that is a real danger to the United States,” Wilkerson told Hill.TV.

Further, Wilkerson said that the U.S. didn’t withdraw from the accord with Iran so much as violate it.

“I think characterizing the Trump action with regard to Iran … as withdrawal from the agreement leaves a lot to be desired. What we did was violate the agreement,” Wilkerson told Hill.TV. “We violated an international agreement achieved with our allies and our erstwhile enemies, China and Russia. …”

“Violating that agreement has set us up for being the isolated party rather than Iran – as Trump, I think, would wish. That’s a problem,” Wilkerson said.

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