Keep Your Kid Safe By Adding This Bulletproof Backpack Panel To Your Back-To-School Shopping List

keep your kid safe by adding this bulletproof backpack panel to your back to school shopping list

In 2016, the Daily Dealer reviewed the BulletSafe bulletproof vest, the vest with NIJ LevelIII A protection that retails for a mere $300. As we showed our readers when we tested it, the vest withstood rounds from a .44 Magnum and a 9 mm pistol. (I’ve reposted the video at the bottom of this article). Two years later, we still haven’t found a better bulletproof vest at a better price.

And since we trust BulletSafe’s technology so much, we were very excited to find about their latest product – a backpack panel that allows you to make any backpack bulletproof. With most schools starting up again sometime this month, we were made aware of this product at the absolute perfect time:

Photo via BulletSafe

Photo via BulletSafe

Bulletproof Backpack Panel by BulletSafe — $99

There are a lot of crazies in the world. Don’t you want your kid to be safe? And the fact is, $99 is a great price point for the type of product that normally sells for $150. Like the bulletproof vest, this panel provides NIJ level IIIA protection, stopping most handgun rounds up to and including those from a .44 Magnum. Unlike other bulletproof panels, this one is not only flexible and lightweight (at just 24 ounces) but also enclosed in a durable 600 denier polyester carrier. You don’t have to worry about your young ones damaging it with whatever else they carry around all day.

Make sure to add the Bulletproof Backpack Panel by BulletSafe to your back-to-school shopping list.

WATCH The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest In Action:


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