Rep. Ted Yoho: Iran Will Negotiate in ‘Good Faith’ Amid Sanctions

rep ted yoho iran will negotiate in good faith amid sanctions
Rep. Ted Yoho: Iran Will Negotiate in 'Good Faith' Amid Sanctions

Iran will likely start negotiating in good faith after President Donald Trump’s decision to reinstate stiff sanctions, Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Tuesday.

“It is something they’ve never done,” Yoho told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” explaining he was present when former Secretary of State John Kerry came into the House to discuss the Iran deal.

“This was a very bad deal from the get-go,” Yoho said. “I stand with President Trump to get rid of this deal and have it renegotiated. Ultimately, we do want that peace with nobody having a nuclear weapon, especially a rogue regime like Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

Iran initially came to the table for negotiations because sanctions against the country were working, Yoho said.

“The mistake President (Barack) Obama made was he released all these sanctions,” said Yoho. “They pretty much got everything they wanted, and we didn’t get a whole lot . . . but they have operated out of not good faith since the beginning.”

Yoho said he thinks as sanctions grow tighter, including a new set in November that will block Iranian oil sales, the citizens of Iran will speak up, “like they are now and putting the pressure internally on the ayatollah and his cronies.”

“You will see Iran come to the table because it’s the people of Iran that are really putting on the pressure,” Yoho said. “People in the international community side with the president and again we’ve seen this play out so many times. People either choose to do business with the United States of America or a rogue regime like that. They are the leading state sponsors of terrorism.”

He added U.S. officials have talked to people in Syria who say Hezbollah is today is better-staffed, equipped and trained than they were the nuclear agreement, thanks to the infusion of cash former President Barack Obama allowed.

“It really outfitted these buy sand they are using just pretty much Gestapo tactics, is what we were told, in Syria,” Yoho said.

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