Joe Lieberman: ‘Grateful’ For Trump Actions on Iran Sanctions

joe lieberman grateful for trump actions on iran sanctions
Joe Lieberman: 'Grateful' For Trump Actions on Iran Sanctions

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman said Wednesday he is “grateful” for President Donald Trump’s tough stance and sanctions on Iran, as the Obama-era nuclear deal gave away all the pressure that was being placed on the country in exchange for a “very inadequate agreement” on nuclear weapons.

“I’m chair of a group called United Against Nuclear Iran,” said Lieberman on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” explaining that the bipartisan group is focused on keeping Iran from becoming a regional superpower.

Congress adopted sanctions against Iran to put pressure on them, said Lieberman, and his group favors pushing businesses to stay out of Iran, as “risky business and wrong to deal with this extremist regime.”

During the negotiations for the international nuclear deal, however, “the Obama administration gave away all the pressure for a very inadequate argument for a temporary pause in nuclear weapons development,” said LIeberman.

“(There was) nothing about limiting missile development or the other bad behavior of Iran,” said Lieberman. “President Trump comes along and does exactly what he said he would do during the campaign. A whole new world.”

Trump reimposed the sanctions on Tuesday, and more will come in November against the country’s oil shipments, and LIeberman said he believes they will help.

“They’re coming at a time when there is more instability in Iran than there has been for a long, long time, probably¬† since the protests after the fraudulent elections in June of 2009,” said Lieberman “The economy is tanking. The currency of Iran has lost 80 percent of its value in the last year. Unemployment is sky high. Almost every day somewhere in Iran there is a protest to the government, and it is mostly about the economy, about corruption in the government, about extremism in the government.”

Some of the protests are about fighting wars in Lebanon and other locations, said LIeberman, because many Iranians want the kept in their country.

“These sanctions from President Trump and the administration will squeeze the Iranians more and maybe force the government to come back and negotiate a better nuclear agreement or it will lead to a new Iranian revolution,” said Lieberman.

“I’m afraid the mullahs are behaving like (Syrian President Bashar) Assad in the area,” said Lieberman. “They’ll turn their guns on their own people. But maybe not. What I see is a country where the majority of people are really fed up with the government.”

Meanwhile, National Security Adviser John Bolton has said the administration is not interested in regime change in Iran, but Lieberman said there is “every reason” for Iranians to be fed up, but change has to come from the Iranians.

” I think it’s in our interest to help them,” he said. “The government has an opportunity to negotiate reasonably and I think the only way this group of extremists will really negotiate to end their nuclear program and stop the other bad behavior.”

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