Senate Inundated With Letters From Over 400 Kavanaugh Supporters

Senate Inundated With Letters From Over 400 Kavanaugh Supporters

An overwhelming tsunami of support for President Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court, Circuit Court Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, is flooding into the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Newsmax has obtained exclusive access to letters signed by over 400 signatories, men and women from every walk of life who have encountered or worked with Kavanaugh. They include lawyers, medical professionals, politicians, and business owners who have expressed exuberant support for Kavanaugh.

The correspondence comes from former high-school classmates, former fellow clerks, clerks who worked for Kavanaugh directly, clerks who worked for other judges, as well as scores of Republican state attorneys general and governors.

The correspondence received by the Judiciary Committee on Kavanaugh includes:

A letter from former clerks of outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who write “Kavanaugh would be a fair-minded and conscientious successor to Justice Kennedy,” that was signed by 72 young lawyers who, like Kavanaugh, clerked for Justice Kennedy.

A letter from former clerks of Kavanaugh, who praise his “strength of character, generosity of spirit, intellectual capacity, and unwavering care for his family, friends, colleagues, and us, his law clerks,” signed by 34 attorneys who served as clerks under the nominee.

A letter from his former Harvard Law School students who describe him as “a rigorous thinker, a devoted teacher, and a gracious person,” signed by 80 students.

A letter from former female law clerks who worked for Kavanaugh — indeed, what is said to be all of Kavanaugh’s former female law clerks who are not precluded by terms of their current employment from co-signing the letter — who describe the Circuit Court judge as “one of the strongest advocates in the federal judiciary for women lawyers.” They go on to extol his effort to redress the pro-male gender bias that is evident in U.S. judicial clerkships. The letter is signed by 18 former female law clerks.

A letter from the former classmates and alumni of Kavanaugh’s high school, Georgetown Prep, calling him “a good man, a brilliant jurist… eminently qualified to serve as an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court,” signed by 155 former classmates at Georgetown Prep.

A letter from state attorneys general, including Josh Hawley of Missouri, Pam Bondi of Florida, Patrick Morrisey of West Virginia, and Bill Schuette of Michigan, who praise Kavanaugh for “an abiding commitment to the principles and freedoms on which our country was founded.” It bears the signatures of 13 attorneys general.

A letter, signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky, Gov. Paul LePage of Maine, Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan, and Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada, that states “Kavanaugh’s impeccable credentials demonstrate he is worthy of this nomination.” The letter is signed by 30 governors.

The latest letter of support — among the most influential within legal circles — comes from the recently retired dean of Duke Law School, David F. Levi. Levi himself served as a federal District Court judge in the eastern district of California for some 17 years.

Levi writes that as a judge himself he first learned of Kavanaugh by his reputation as “one of the brightest and most thoughtful judges on the bench.” He later invited Kavanaugh to preside over Duke’s prestigious “Dean’s Cup” moot court competition, saying “One could see what a fine judge he is and what a fair courtroom he would run, one in which every advocate and every party would feel heard and respected.”

In his Aug. 7 letter, Levi writes the strong support for Kavanaugh in intellectual and academic circles is “quite extraordinary,” adding: “I can assure you that this kind of deep, broad, and enthusiastic support is unusual and telling of the character and ability of Judge Kavanaugh.”

How much those endorsements factor into the Judiciary Committee’s expected decision to pass the nomination on to the complete Senate remains to be seen. Not all the letters received by the Committee favor Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has been waging a determined battle in recent days, insisting that virtually every document associated with Kavanaugh’s long involvement in law and governance — believed to include over 3 million documents — be subject to discovery and review by Democrats looking to sidetrack Kavanaugh’s nomination.

On Tuesday, for example, Schumer tweeted “The small percentage of Brett Kavanaugh’s record that is public is cause for great concern….”

In response, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee tweeted that “a historic number of documents will be made public.”

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