Twitter CEO: We Do Not Shadow Ban for Political Views

Twitter CEO: We Do Not Shadow Ban for Political Views

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Wednesday the social media network does not shadowban users based solely on their political leanings.

Dorsey called into Sean Hannity’s radio show and discussed how the microblogging network deals with hate speech, threats, and other things. Twitter will not remove controversial radio host Alex Jones from its network despite the fact some of his content was taken off Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple’s iTunes, and Podcast apps.

“We do not shadow ban according to political ideology or viewpoint or content, period,” said Dorsey, referring to the practice of shutting down users’ access to another user’s content.

Dorsey then explained how Twitter’s algorithms look at users’ behaviors to make decisions on where to place content.

“These are models that are looking at behaviors,” he said. “Behaviors of bad faith actors who intend to manipulate, distract, divide a conversation – or to unfairly amplify their content, which they didn’t earn. So, those are the things that factor in.

“If you follow someone on Twitter, you’re going to see them in your Timeline.”

Regarding what does constitute a violation of Twitter’s rules, Dorsey said “any sort of violent speech – encouragement toward violence, harassment – is directly against our terms of service, and we take immediate action on it.”

He noted the “context of the conversation” is important in deciding whether a piece of content should be flagged for removal or if a Twitter account should be suspended or taken down permanently.

The news about Jones’ content coming off several social media sites caused a stir among some conservatives, who claim they are being punished for their right-leaning political views.

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