New Hampshire Dems Dump Clinton From Fundraising Dinner

New Hampshire Dems Dump Clinton From Fundraising Dinner

hhhaaaaaahahhhahaa, the Clintonista’s are mud, the Bushka’s too! Ofaggot was the Manchurian Candidate! All of the big club!

two words = Petro-Dolla! The US reserve must stand so the hegemony continues!

The fiat system in the US was setup to fund the Vietnam War and continues to this day. Nixon was a sneaky one, closed the gold window!

Now look at our DEBT – it is out of control, and we are all gonna fry for it one day. Then there is the illegal Fed, making sure the pain is not too severe! One day it is going to spiral out of control and there will be capitulation!

The king dolla will die a slow death, but the world is awash with it, pumping through the veins of every CB! There will be much pain, until a new paradigm evolves. Tiny nation states all over the world – the squid will lose control at that point!

Now the communist left want to go full retard!

Think local. This game of thrones has to end!

I love America, I hate our .gov!!!!!!! They have become control freaks – Patriot Act, NDAA, Obamacare and the rest!

My family were the first settlers! But I am no more American than any other fine citizen here.

Equal justice under the law, and we have become a lawless nation of tyrants and serfs!

A law for thee and a law for me! That has to end!!!!

I lived through a civil war and it was bloody, I barely escaped that country but with a bag of clothes, had to leave everything behind!

We had 30 people outside of our home chanting they were gonna chop our heads off and throw them into the sea. I have seen much death and destruction, it was not pretty!

Social Democrats caused it, just like they are going to cause it here! Mark my words.

Antifa is but one organization, but there are many others in the shadows, and they will all marry up one day, then boom…everyone will be confronted with danger!

I hope for peace and harmony, but the left, and even some on the right, are intent on changing the system from the Constitution to outright communism.

You can take what I say or not, I have experienced it, and will bring it up to warn others, and I will stand against it, cause there is no way I let them take the Constitution down without a fight!

I am not running anywhere now!

Julian should never come here, he will be hanged by the corrupt US Corp! Spying on everyone to maintain control!

EDIT – all these down arrows will not stop me people! You think I am full of shit, but just wait and see! I bet the everyday German, Russian, Chinese citizen in their days prior to their horror felt the same way! Complacent and smug in their security. Carry on, I will eat the down arrows and gross mischaracterization of me all day, month and year long!
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