Nikolas Cruz Punches Himself in Face Repeatedly in Video

Nikolas Cruz Punches Himself in Face Repeatedly in Video

(Newser) – A demon voice told him to “burn, kill, destroy,” or so claims Nikolas Cruz in an interrogation video in which Cruz is said to have confessed to fatally shooting 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. In the heavily redacted video released Wednesday, Cruz is seen using his hand to simulate shooting himself in the temple, mouth, and chest, before he punches himself repeatedly in the face while left alone, reports ABC News. After a detective begins questioning him, the 19-year-old claims voices in his head began after he saw his father die of a heart attack as a 5-year-old and intensified after his mother’s death from pneumonia four months before the Feb. 14 shooting, per USA Today.

“I don’t like the demon … I’m scared of him,” Cruz says, claiming the voice told him to buy a gun and hurt people. Sitting in a chair with an ankle shackled to the floor, Cruz admits to attempting suicide, killing small animals, and planning to shoot people in a park, though he didn’t follow through. He also asks to speak to a psychologist “to find out what’s wrong with me.” “I want to die. At the end, you are nothing but worthless, dude … You deserve to die,” he at one point mutters to himself, according to a transcript released Monday. Later, Cruz’s brother enters the room. “People think you’re a monster now,” he tells Cruz, noting his actions would’ve made their mother cry. “Why did you do this?” he asks. “I’m sorry, dude,” Cruz responds. “I love you.”

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