Scaramucci: Trump’s ‘Free-Wheeling’ Attitude Won’t Work With Mueller

Scaramucci: Trump's 'Free-Wheeling' Attitude Won't Work With Mueller

President Donald Trump is a “free-wheeling” kind of guy, but speaking with special counsel Robert Mueller is not that kind of situation, former campaign manager Anthony Scaramucci said Thursday.

“You can look at the campaign stops, you can look at the way he handled the debates and the way he has handled a lot of aspects to the presidency,” Scaramucci told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “This is not a free-wheeling situation. This requires a tremendous amount of verbal discipline. It requires a tremendous amount of coaching.”

Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said Wednesday the president would resist a subpoena from Mueller, after his legal team rejected the special counsel’s latest interview offer and called for the Russia investigation to end by Sept. 1.

“They will be concerned about the perjury issue,” Scaramucci said, while agreeing with the legal strategy. “It’s what they used to say about Watergate, the cover-up being worse than the crime.”

Scaramucci added he’d also advise Trump not to tweet about the case anymore, or about anything related to the investigation.

“I don’t believe he is the target of these investigations as it relates to Russian collusion,” said Scaramucci. “What’s at issue is did he do something related to obstructing justice? I clearly believe he did not do that.”

The matter of Trump being subpoenaed, if he does not voluntarily meet with Mueller, may end up in the Supreme Court, and Scaramucci said the court will “split the baby” and allow some questions to be asked while leaving others out.

However, he said he does not think Trump’s attorneys want the situation to go that far, but would prefer to accept a “very narrow window” of questioning.

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