China Halts Imports Of US-Made Mercedes SUVs Due To “Brake Issues”

We are sure it’s just a coincidence, but – amid all the trade tensions between US and China – Shanghai customs authorities have suddenly blocked the importations of all US-manufactured Mercedes Benz SUVs.

China Halts Imports Of US-Made Mercedes SUVs Due To "Brake Issues"

Reuters reports that, according to a Chinese customs document circulating on Chinese social media, Mercedes-Benz GLE and GLS models, built in the United States between May 4 and June 12, 2018, have a brake issue which poses a “safety risk.”

The document said authorities in Shanghai had found the rear brakes on these vehicles to be “insufficient.”

Daimler said the company had been made aware of a potential brake issue related to vehicles in China imported from the United States.

“We are working with the relevant authorities to resolve the issue,” a spokeswoman said on Thursday. Daimler could not immediately comment on the number of vehicles affected, and is seeking to resolve what it described as an “entirely technical issue.”

So just another ‘Stealth’ play in the trade war? With offshore yuan relatively stable this last week, amid the looming $16 billion next phase of tariffs, maybe this is a way to hit Europe and US at the same time?

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