Dianne Feinstein Was An “Easy Mark” For China’s Spy: Sperry

Dianne Feinstein Was An "Easy Mark" For China's Spy: Sperry

Good News Is, Patrick Little garnered over 76,000 votes with only 3 short weeks of exposure time before the June 5th vote date in Ca.

76,000 Californios are fully awake and are willing to take action, now if those 76,000 can inform 7 people each, They’re up to 532,000 and if they can inform 7 more each they will hit 3,724,000 and they are off to removing all the jew supremacists from all positions of power.

Oh the poor jew supremacist Diane the jew feinstein & her mentor rothschild whom is currently whining because his rape and pilliage plans for all the western world might be reaching a plateau.

rothschild and tribe, the funders & creators of the murderous bolshevik jew rampage that killed the Christian Czar & Familly and threw in another starved & murdered 25,000,000 (million) Christians to boot.

The funder & main creator of the EVIL known as so-called israel, that has been on a worldwide terrorist murderous orgy eversince. Stop israeli war crimes Now!

Don’t worry world, him and his (((tribe))) will find the jew coals to heap on their murderously hideous destructive fire. They want you burnt to the ground and silenced forevermore.

And they will never stop, with their dying breath they will strive to hang on to your Christian throat. 


Shut down all jew supremacist foreign agent organizations such as; Aipac, Zoa, Adl, Aclu, Splc, Jdl, Jdo, Jwc, Ajc, Cfr, and yes the Naacp (jews) and a thousand more, using the FARA ACT and The RICO Laws-NOW! 


“Against Our Better Judgement- How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel” Allison Weir

“The Bad War” M.S. King (banned by jewmaon due to the screeching of the jwc)

“The jewish Revolutionary Spirit” E. Michael Jones

“The Jewish Onslaught” Dr. Tony Martin

“Mein Kampf” Adolf Hitler (don’t let the jew lying propaganda deceive you, this is a great book)

“The jews & their Lies” Martin luther

“The International Jew” Vol 1&2″ Henry Ford

“The Controversary Of Zion” Douglas Reed

“It’s The Jews Stupid” R. Vincent Bert

“The Host & The Parasite” Greg Felton

“The Jews and Moral Subversion” E. Michael Jones

“The New Jerusalem” Michael Collins Piper

“The Iron Curtain Over America” John Beaty 

“Breaking The Spell” Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom 

And watch “The Greatest Story Never Told” 

……..When America? 
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