Joe Arpaio Gives Wild Explanation For Trainwreck Sacha Baron Cohen Interview

joe arpaio gives wild explanation for trainwreck sacha baron cohen interview
Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, said Thursday

Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, said Thursday that he regrets the interview he did with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Arpaio argued that he had misinterpreted several sexual references during an interview that appeared on Baron Cohen’s new Showtime series, “Who Is America?”

Arpaio “couldn’t understand” Baron Cohen’s questions because of his feigned accent, the former sheriff told the Washington Examiner. Baron Cohen disguises himself while interviewing notable figures for the show; this time, he was in character as a Finnish celebrity.

Baron Cohen discussed “hand jobs” with Arpaio and indicated he was referring to actual employment.

“What was that? He was talking about illegals coming over working with their hands on their job,” Arpaio told the Examiner of the question.

Baron Cohen then shifted to ask Arpaio about another sexual act. 

“If Donald Trump calls you up after this and says, ‘Sheriff Joe, I want to offer you an amazing blow job,’ would you say yes?” Baron Cohen asked Arpaio.

“I may have to say yes,” Arpaio responded.

He told the Examiner he did not hear the question correctly.

“The only thing I got was that he would offer me a job. I didn’t hear that little thing before that,” Arpaio said.

Joking about Trump and homosexual acts has been a popular but homophobic tactic to ridicule the president and his allies. Sexual images of Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were widespread online and in street art following their summit in Helsinki earlier this summer. 

Baron Cohen also asked Arpaio about “golden showers.” He introduced the question with talk about Trump’s wealth, ostensibly to confuse the disgraced sheriff.

“So he’s talking and I couldn’t understand him,” Arpaio told the Examiner. “He’s talking about golden showers. I thought he was talking about — the president has gold [in his shower].”

Controversy about Trump and golden showers arose after BuzzFeed published an unverified dossier saying Russians had compromising intel on Trump. The allegations included a 2013 incident in a Moscow hotel involving the president, prostitutes and urine. Trump has vehemently denied the incident occurred. 

Arpaio offered to do another interview with Baron Cohen, but without false pretenses.

“Get the guts, get out of your undercover role, come and interview me in English, of course, so I can understand him so we can go man-to-man,” Arpaio said.

Arpaio is one of several celebrities and political figures who have been tricked by Baron Cohen. The comedian set off a fake “pedophile detector” on former GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore, who lost his race after he was accused of pursuing teen girls while in his 30s. Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and former Republican congressman Joe Walsh were both duped into filming a fake advertisement to arm preschool students with guns.

Trump pardoned Arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt, last year. Arpaio had purposefully violated a federal judge’s order by racially profiling and detaining people who he thought were in the U.S. illegally.

Arpaio is polling in last place in the Arizona GOP Senate primary, behind front-runner Rep. Martha McSally and former state Sen. Kelli Ward.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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