Replacement Apple iPhone battery: When is the deadline and is my phone eligible?

Apple moved to appease customers worldwide after annoyance about the intentional slowing of performance on certain models: Getty/iStock

Apple‘s deadline for discount iPhone battery replacements is fast approaching.

The consumer electronics giant confirmed in December 2017 it intentionally slows down ageing iPhones to mitigate the impact of failing lithium-ion batteries, which are comprised of combustible components and therefore struggle to charge and retain power as they chemically age, a process exacerbated by exposure to extremes in temperature.

Faced with an outcry from its customers over its prior failure to communicate this fact, Apple issued an open apology and began offering battery replacement on out-of-warranty models for just £25. The repair would previously have cost £79.

Here’s what you need to know about the expiring offer.

What has Apple said about the issue?

“Over the course of this autumn, we began to receive feedback from some users who were seeing slower performance in certain situations,” Apple’s apology explained when the discount was first introduced.

“Based on our experience, we initially thought this was due to a combination of two factors: a normal, temporary performance impact when upgrading the operating system as iPhone installs new software and updates apps, and minor bugs in the initial release which have since been fixed.

“We now believe that another contributor to these user experiences is the continued chemical ageing of the batteries in older iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S devices, many of which are still running on their original batteries.”

In addition to the £54 saving, Apple also released an iOS software update earlier this year to make the health of an iPhone’s battery more apparent.

When is the deadline for iPhone battery replacement?

Customers with the relevant models have until 1 December 2018 to take up the cheaper repair offer.

Which out-of-warranty models does the offer apply to?

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus*
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

How can I get my battery replaced for £25?

Customers with one of the above models can book an appointment with an Apple Store Genius or alternatively arrange it from home.

To do this, contact Apple Support by phone, email, online chat or Twitter. They will run diagnostics on your phone remotely and then set the process in motion if it is deemed necessary.

You will have the option to send your iPhone by post or have it done in store.

*Owners of the iPhone 6S might even be able to get a battery replacement carried out for free as compensation for an acknowledged manufacturing fault. Users of those devices should enter their serial number to check eligibility on Apple’s website.

What happens if I’ve already had my battery replaced?

Apple has also offered to refund those who had their batteries replaced just prior to the December 2017 announcement with the £54 difference.

Eligible customers were due to be contacted via email between 23 May and 27 July 2018 with details on how to make a claim.

If you think the refund might apply to you but you have not received an email, the company urges you to contact its UK customer services.

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