Sean Hannity And Jesse Watters Debate Obama Supporter On What Democrats Stand For

Sean Hannity And Jesse Watters Debate Obama Supporter On What Democrats Stand For

Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Jesse Watters debated Jessica Tarlov about what Democrats truly stand for on Tuesday, responding to Nancy Pelosi’s weekend claim that Democrats stand for giving the people “bigger paychecks.”


The segment began with Hannity airing that clip of Nancy Pelosi describing what the Democratic Party represents. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Explains What Democrats Stand For Other Than Stopping Trump)

“Bigger paychecks by taking back the crumbs and keeping the disastrous plan known as ObamaCare. Of course impeaching the president but don’t tell anyone. Oh, and eliminating ICE and open borders. And now a new poll shows from Gallup, Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism,” Hannity stated.

“Well, oh, you are asking me, so they don’t stand for abolishing ICE or open borders. There are some things people on the fringe left are saying,” Tarlov protested. “Have you seen a Democratic Party platform piece that says we would love open borders and to abolish ICE? No.”

“Keith Ellison, the number two of the DNC, had a t-shirt on that said ‘we don’t believe in borders.’ I think that stands for something. What do Democrats stand for, Sean? We know they don’t stand for the national anthem. Are they against rising wages? Rising stock market? What have the Democrats given us besides ISIS, Chinese spies, open borders, what are they going to run on? Bringing back ObamaCare?” Watters responded.

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