Value Investor Mohnish Pabrai’s Key Holdings – The Best Bargains

value investor mohnish pabrais key holdings the best bargains

A value investor at heart, Mohnish Pabrai is not afraid to travel the world to find the best bargains. ET Now’s Karunya shares his top bets in the quarter gone by.

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Best Bargains

Value Investor Mohnish Pabrai’s Key Holdings – The Best Bargains



Value investor hot when spy right. And he’s not afraid to travel the world to find the best bargains and has been monitoring his moves to tell us about his bets in the quarter gone by what he’s been buying what he’s been selling.

Well I see. He is in fact you know the biggest investors that the street Jacks may closely. In fact in the recent couple of months also used time and again said that he looks at me as his biggest most attractive markets to have multiband a month before he gains in the near future. And in terms of the long term as well here are some top holdings that he has eyes off the end of the June quarter are those stocks that he is betting on are very industrious continues to be Dompig just like Doleac or not. Who’s also invested Fabbri in green industries. Noonish Barbara has about nine point eight percent stake there a bit more than one dollar you can own. So clearly data and that series continues to be his topic followed by names like some degree TV he was nearly eight and a half percent stake. There’s also Zankoul home finance that is one name he has entered into in the quarter gone by his Wendigo is about 6 percent stake. They’re going to develop buzz that is another name when each Kobra is bullish on he has about five point four percent stake in that company. He also owns. Five point four percent stake in healthcare global as well. Not talking about some joining that has happened in his board for you in the quarter gone by as far as the Indian equity investments go. He has in fact added across the board we’ve seen small additions happen to most of the holdings that he has invested in the markets and he is also in a couple of names. ITX in the energy exchange is one name way. He has an account that gives three things is what he has done in the quarter gone by followed by Gavidi seat and also Gordon in finance. These are full of names that McNeish Bob Wright has added on to his board for you in the quarter gone by.

All right good analysis. Thank you for bringing it out for.

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