Technology Empowers Imagination

Technology Empowers Imagination

Data empowers imagination

The founder and CEO of Tezign, Dr. Ling Fan shared the development of Tezign and emphasized the value of data for business and society.

During the past decade, consumer technology has achieved profound development, the demand side has realized personalization, while the supply side is still lack of development with limited data. The great improvement of consumer data has brought challenges to data intelligence as well as opportunities for enterprises. Tezign utilizes technology to redefine the value of data for business and society and emancipate imagination of the business.

Tezign has accumulated tons of data from human (background), capability (creative service) and scene (business scenario). It has achieved precious data resources from the supply side. The data has prepared Tezign’s two core tech engines, Tezign.MIND and Tezign.EYE. With the technologies, Tezign’s Workflow OS (Operation System) is built to deploy the A.I. Engines in thousands of parallel creative tasks.

Ling Fan said, ” Through human-machine collaboration and intelligent allocation of computing resources, cloud-computing can achieve hundreds of millions of high concurrency operations; Through human-computer collaboration and intelligent allocation of creative resources, Tezign can provide thousands of high concurrency services.” 

Utilizing data intelligence provided by Tezign, enterprises have achieved intelligence from the supply side. Tezign will provide design, creative marketing and data intelligence solution to the enterprise, with human-machine collaboration, using technology to empower imagination. In this case, realizing the co-evolution of man and machine, supply and demand, data and intelligence, platform and ecosystem, Tezign and partners. 

Data beyond imagination

The co-founder and CPO Steve Wang shared the core products and technologies of Tezign. Steve Wang said, ” When we look over the development of cloud-computing, structured data and process data have been accumulated on the cloud, while non-structured data are scattered everywhere, the value of data has not been fully explored and utilized.”

Tezign aggregates hundreds of millions of data in creative suppliers, content and transactions, accumulating to be the most valuable resources for this industry. We developed two A.I. Engines, Tezign.MIND and Tezign. EYE, Tezign.MIND, a machine learning engine that builds elastic and real-time model to codify supplier’s capability in all dimensions. Tezign.EYE, an image recognition engine that identifies, monitors, and generates creative content.

Based on the technical capabilities, Tezign has created six intelligent modules, including intelligent requirements, talent modeling, concurrent workflow, compliance detection engines, intelligent production and multi-level evaluation. These modules form the two core products of Tezign: creative and marketing supplier platform and data intelligence solution.

To help the enterprise explore more possibilities of design, under the Intelligent Demand Analysis Engine, Tezign models the brand data by analyzing the historical data of the enterprise. Through the evaluation of content produced during mid-project process, Tezign constructs data model based on the brand’s past preferences, improving production efficiency greatly, thus achieving intelligent production. In addition, Tezign builds a comprehensive multi-dimensional evaluation mechanism, while enriching data sources, empowering enterprises to better evaluate projects. Through the platform and data intelligence, Tezign helps enterprises achieve high concurrency workflow, and precipitate massive workflow data for enterprises to efficiently match creative resources simultaneously. Tezign provides business insights for enterprises, enabling the intelligence upgrading of enterprises. 

As the digital partner of Tezign, Unilever has successfully stepped into the stage of data intelligence. Through the supplier platform, hundreds of marketing creative projects have achieved an exponential marketing effect, covering packaging, e-commerce, video, marketing campaigns, etc. At the same time, Tezign’s data intelligence solution helps Unilever generate data model of massive creative suppliers and creative content, helping manage the digital resources.

The Data & Digital Development Senior Director of Unilever, Susan Ren said, “Tezign empowers Unilever to realize the digitalization of the creative assets and intelligence supply. With Tezign’s data intelligence, Unilever will achieve profound improvement on both the creative suppliers and the users in the future: First, utilizing machine and data intelligence, the worthless design process with be replaced thus optimizing the design results. Second, Tezign enables stronger connections between brands and users through massive personalization.” 


p class=”prntac”>In-depth collaboration with industry

During the conference, opinion leaders from enterprises, media and capitals shared insights on “Data and Resources”, “Growth and Globalization” and “Industry and Platform”. They shared their thoughts on the current situation and trends of the industry. Industry representatives are particularly concerned about the value of data to enterprises in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the role of innovative solutions in the process of enterprise intelligence. 

Under the theme “Growth and Globalization”, the Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks China Belinda Wong, the Founder and Chief Creative Director of NAUTICA David Chu, the Founder and CEO of Tezign Ling Fan, and the Managing Director of The Economist Global Business Review Chen Wu shared the reasons for the high-speed growth of large enterprises in the context of globalization and the future of cooperation with innovative enterprises.

In the discussion about “Data and Resources”, the Data & Digital Development Senior Director of Unilever Susan Ren, Senior Director of Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd  Commercial Excellence & Strategy Jason Lo, BORGWARD International Director of Marketing Amy Huo and CEO & Founder of Linear Capital Harry Wang shared their opinions. Based on different industry backgrounds, they shared the practice of data precipitation, management and invocation in enterprises, and the significance of data intelligent products for enterprise digital transformation.

At last, in the discussion of “Industry and Platform”, the Brand & Media Director of Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Vera Zhang, the Director of Strategy Development of Weltmeister Sean Shen, the President of Shanghai Zhangjiang Culture and Creative Industry Lu Han and the Founding Managing Partner of Eminence Ventures Peter Cheng shared their views. From their respective fields and perspectives, the participants discussed how industries and enterprises should use their own capabilities and resources to empower ecosystem.

Tezign’s strategic update and data intelligent product release are adapting to market demand and industry trends. On one hand, Tezign’s supplier platform can help enterprises achieve exponential growth by providing personalized design and creative services through massive creative resources; on the other hand, Tezign’s data intelligence solutions can help enterprises intelligently manage creative suppliers and creative contents, and empower enterprise intelligence, wise decision-making, and achieve digital transformation.

So far, more than 8,000 large enterprises and social organizations have been powered by Tezign’s data intelligence, including Unilever,  Alibaba, Starbucks, Tencent, Ping An, Ant Financial, Nestle, Honeywell, Youku, Uxin, Vivo, Audi, etc. Representatives from businesses, capital, social organizations, universities and other fields also joined the press conference and witnessed the new technological possibilities of enterprises on the supply side. In the future, Tezign will continue to dig deeper into the relationship between data and business, while continuously accumulating brand data, providing business insights and empower brands through the two core products.


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