NY Candidate Molinaro: ‘Shocked, Ashamed’ of Cuomo America Comment

NY Candidate Molinaro: 'Shocked, Ashamed' of Cuomo America Comment

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro Thursday said he is “shocked and ashamed” of Gov. Andrew Cuomo for saying “America was never that great” during a speech. 

“I was raised by a single mom and grew up on food stamps,” Molinaro, who at 19 was elected as the youngest mayor of the country for a time in 1995, told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program. “Tell me America isn’t great.”

“America has always been great,” he added “I was so ashamed and shocked that a man who has lived in privilege [said that]. He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple could think that. I’m ashamed my governor doesn’t know that.”

Cuomo owes New Yorkers and Americans an apology, said Molinaro, while admitting he doesn’t know if Cuomo really believes what he said or if he was just talking to win a primary.

“It’s an insulting thing to say to Gold Star moms, men and women fighting overseas to folks who died in service who, by the way, on that blue line protecting our communities every day to say that America was never great or wasn’t all that great,” said Molinaro. “America, with its imperfections, has always been great.”

Cuomo has released a statement saying he does think America is great, but the “full greatness” will be realized when there is equality for all, but Molinaro said he does not know if the governor has really apologized.

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