Are The Expectations For Wisconsin’s Football Team Too High? Here’s The Official Answer

are the expectations for wisconsins football team too high heres the official answer
Are The Expectations For Wisconsin’s Football Team Too High? Here’s The Official Answer

The expectations for the Wisconsin football team are sky high, and I wouldn’t want any other way.

For the first time that I can remember, many people view Wisconsin as a team with a great shot at winning a national title. The Badgers are always a team that competes for the Big Ten, but something is just different about this year. Now, people expect us to bring home the ultimate prize. They expect us to hoist the championship trouble. (RELATED: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD SHOULD FEAR WISCONSIN FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON)

Many people would crumble under such pressure, but Wisconsin men aren’t just regular people. We were born and bred in a frozen tundra. We’re pure toughness and grit. Most men run from a storm. We are the storm.

The vast majority of people shy away from high expectations. They want to do well, but they want to do well as they exceed expectations. Maybe they’re pegged for an eight win season, and they win nine games instead. By their metrics, the season was successful. Well, I call that the mindset of a loser.

We’re here to win titles and nothing else. So, are the expectations too high? Hell no. I don’t want anybody to expect anything from us other than the absolute best. Wisconsin is a state that breeds winners — the best people on the planet and we all know it.

Let’s save the false humility for another time. We’re not showing up and knocking on the front door of the college football world this season. We’re bringing C4, a SWAT team and we’re blowing the door right of its hinges.

I’ll see you all August 31, and anybody who thinks we don’t want high expectations can kindly see themselves out. Those weak people have no place in our squad.

On Wisconsin!

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