Rudy Giuliani: Don McGahn Report a Sign Mueller Team Is ‘Panicking’

rudy giuliani don mcgahn report a sign mueller team is panicking
Rudy Giuliani: Don McGahn Report a Sign Mueller Team Is 'Panicking'

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is “panicking,” making it likely that they are the ones who strategically leaked the report White House counsel Don McGahn is cooperating with the investigation, according to President Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

“The best analysis would be that the Mueller team is panicking,” Giuliani told Fox News’ “Justice” with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night after she offered up panick as a possible scenario. “They know they don’t have a case. There was no collusion, there was no obstruction.”

The report was released by Mueller’s team, according to Giuliani, to lure a President Trump response and motivate him to testify — but the reality is President Trump encouraged McGahn to cooperate with Mueller.

“They are trying to get the president to testify,” Giuliani told Pirro. “And they are hoping that if they put out a story like this in which they suggest that McGhan is cooperating against him, but don’t say it . . . that he’ll want to come in and explain himself.

“The president wants to testify. The president wants to be open and transparent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have encouraged 30 witnesses, including McGhan to testify.”

President Trump slammed the report McGahn has become a “rat” against him, tweeting barbs against “fake news,” the media as “enemy of the people,” former Obama administration officials’ “corruption,” and asking why Mueller’s team has not investigated “Crooked Hillary and the Democrats.”

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