Trump Doubts China Trade-Talks’ Progress, Says Fed “Should Do What’s Good For Country”

trump doubts china trade talks progress says fed should do whats good for country

In his most vitriolic interview yet with regard the markets, Reuters reports that (to the establishment’s horror) that he was “not thrilled” with The Fed hiking rates imploring that Jay Powell should “do what’s good for the country,” (which is presumably keep rates low and extend all asset bubbles)…

Trump believes the U.S. central bank should be more accommodating.

“I’m not thrilled with his raising of interest rates, no. I’m not thrilled,” Trump said in the interview.

“I should be given some help by The Fed.”

Additionally, Trump said that while he believes in Fed independence, he would continue to criticize The Fed if it continues to raise rates adding that “The Fed should do what’s good for the country.”

Trump Doubts China Trade-Talks' Progress, Says Fed "Should Do What's Good For Country"

Trump also accused China and Europe of manipulating their respective currencies.

“When US puts tariffs on China, China artificially lowers the price of the yuan.”

“China is manipulating its currency, Europeans are manipulating the euro too…”

Trump said that he does not anticipate much coming from the US-China trade talks, and confirmed there was “no timeframe” for ending the China trade dispute.

The Dollar index fell to session lows following the headlines…

Trump Doubts China Trade-Talks' Progress, Says Fed "Should Do What's Good For Country"

And finally Trump commented on the social media censorship occurring:

It is “very dangerous” when companies like Twitter and Facebook self-regulate content on their platforms.

Major social media firms have for months been answering to claims of conservative censorship. Trump last month called Twitter “discriminatory” and accused the company of “shadow banning” prominent Republicans

Additionally, as the headlines hit, The White House (not President Trump) tweeted the following…“My pledge to each and every one of you is that my Administration will not rest until you have the resources, the tools, and the authorities you need to do your job and do it properly and do it strong.”

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