Toobin: Weisselberg Knows ‘Where Money Comes in, Where It Comes Out’

toobin weisselberg knows where money comes in where it comes out
Toobin: Weisselberg Knows 'Where Money Comes in, Where It Comes Out'

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Friday that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg’s being “granted immunity is enormously significant.”

Weisselberg, a longtime financial adviser to President Donald Trump, agreed to a deal with prosecutors to testify against Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen.

“He knows where the money is,” Toobin said. “One of the oldest rules of law enforcement is follow the money, and CFOs are often very, very important witnesses.”

“They know where the money comes in and where it comes out and the fact that he has now been granted immunity is enormously significant because it means investigators now have basically a complete window into the financial operations of the Trump organization,” he said.

“If there is nothing improper that went on there, Donald Trump has nothing to worry about,” Toobin added. “But if there is something improper, the feds are very likely going to know about it.”

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