COLOR OF FURNITURE, a Multi-dimensional Decoding of Colors

COLOR OF FURNITURE, a Multi-dimensional Decoding of Colors

Color for interior design is as essential as oxygen is to life. Furniture China, as a professional trade show dedicated to the furniture industry, keeps a close eye on the element of color in home furnishing. First held in 2017, COLOR OF FURNITURE already plays a key role in the annual color releases at Furniture China, which represents both a milestone of the show and a new driving force for the future trends of China’s furniture design industry.

In 2018, COLOR OF FURNITURE, which is hosted by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd., will introduce the concept of “Decoding of Colors”, interpreting the application of color in furniture industry and its future trends through three sections: one exhibition, one forum, and one report.

One Exhibition (E8B-D60): Prof. Song Jianming, director of the Color Institute of China Academy of Art, as the chief planner, along with two outstanding designers, Mr. Lu Tao and Ms. Di Yin, were invited to be the project curators. COLOR OF FURNITURE will create an immersive experience for the audience, presenting future color trends in China’s home furnishing industry for the next three to five years. Through eight distinct showrooms split into four theses – Blooming, Growth, Maturity, and Regression, COLOR OF FURNITURE will demonstrate colors as a circle of life.

Each showroom will be decorated with a unique color which represents a unique career, reaching a deeper exploration of social identities. Besides the four galleries as a connection between each thesis, there are also sectors of Color Recognition. The audience will have a closer interaction with color through vision, intuition, and even tasting, which makes the show a true multi-dimensional journey. Out of this featured area, there will be eight colored boxes across Hall E1- E8B, rendering the long gallery from outside to the showrooms and creating an immersive experience for all participants.

One Forum: Speeches and presentations from scholars and pioneers in chromatology will integrate the language of color with furniture design, introducing the concept of furniture design based on the emotions of colors and stimulating the quality of design. Famous designers and researchers, including Lu Tao, Di Yin, Monika Haag, and Zhou Xin, will all be on stage on the featured “COLOR OF FURNITURE Annual Conference”, to share the modern perspectives on color.

One Report: Based on observation, analysis, and study on changes of modern color and lifestyle preferences, COLOR OF FURNITURE will release a report, discussing and encouraging collaboration with the world’s authoritative color institutions to construct an international language for the Chinese furniture industry.

The rising voices of marketing demands for color in home furnishing also raises the requirements on furniture designers to decode the language of color matching and integration. At Furniture China 2018, designers and curators will interpret the mystery of color with the COLOR OF FURNITURE and bring this code to life, marking “color” as the new motivation for the furniture industry in China, and to sketch broader and brighter market prospects for furniture products. 

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