Tom DeLay to Newsmax TV: Trump May Have Made NAFTA Worse

Tom DeLay to Newsmax TV: Trump May Have Made NAFTA Worse

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is taking an uncharacteristic stance against President Donald Trump, telling Newsmax TV he feels Trump’s renegotiations on NAFTA could make the trade agreement worse than it is now.

“I come from Houston, Texas, the largest port that depends on trade in the United States. So NAFTA is very, very important to us, and I disagree with President Trump,” DeLay said during an appearance on “Newsmax Now.”

“NAFTA was huge here in Texas. 100,000 jobs depend on NAFTA right here in Houston, Texas. I’m very concerned about the direction the president’s taken it.”

DeLay added that based on what he’s seen so far of the agreement that is still being worked out, “it looks like they’ve taken NAFTA and made it worse.”

Trump has bashed NAFTA, a 1994 trade deal hammered out during the Clinton administration between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, since his presidential campaign three years ago. He has vowed to either scrap the deal or put together an agreement that is more fair to the U.S.

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On Monday, Trump said the U.S. and Mexico have an “understanding” for a deal that would replace NAFTA.

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