Mompreneur Shares How To Create Financial Freedom For Your Family

As parents usher in a new school year for their kids, how many are worried about their family’s financial future? Digital marketing consultant, tech coach, and “mompreneur” Julie Stoian went from being a stay-at-home mom earning $1,000 a month in her side business to grossing over $1.3 million at the end of 2017. She used internet marketing and ClickFunnels sales funnels to create financial freedom for her family, and now she’s teaching others how to create their own more lucrative future.

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Create Financial Freedom
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A Path To Create Financial Freedom and Stability

“My story is very much about what you have to do,” says Julie, “the kind of hustle that you have when you’re in a situation where you have to care for your kids and you have to be the primary breadwinner — you have to make it happen.”

Julie Stoian married young while she was still in college, and graduated pregnant with her first child. Two kids later, the mom of three realized that she yearned to use “the brains God gave me” to create a life that included not only her love of motherhood, but also felt more true to herself.

She and her husband decided to get divorced, and at first, Julie didn’t have the means to give her children a good home in a community with good schools. Making the situation even more challenging, she discovered she was pregnant with her fourth child.

“It was really scary,” Julie shared. “I had this little tiny side business, but now all of a sudden without a husband ‘bringing the bread home,’ I was in big trouble. I also found out I was pregnant about six weeks after we filed for divorce. So, I was shoved into this very precarious position of not having insurance, being pregnant with a fourth child, and having no assets.”

Julie made it her mission to create financial freedom for herself and her children; in order to do that, she rented a small apartment and allowed the kids’ father to have primary custody… for 547 days.

“I realized I had to make some really fast changes. I needed to go from making $1,000 a month to being able to support four children in Connecticut. For the next 547 days — I counted — I relinquished primary custody of my kids so that I could build a business and have a baby and try to get my feet under me.”

A writer and web content specialist, Julie quickly realized that in order to break out of her existing income cap, she needed to dive headfirst into internet marketing.

“I realized that sales funnels and digital marketing were where I needed to be,” Julie says, “so I focused on being a sales funnel builder and marketer and I started making money. That worked really well because I found ClickFunnels and I had a lot of success building for other people. I started to develop an agency.”

A year and a half into her journey, Julie made enough money to get her kids back.

“It was this big, magical moment where I was able to afford a good school and a good house. Then, I also started to sell courses and do sales funnels for myself as an expert marketer. I went from making about $1,000 a month in 2014 to — at the end of 2017 — grossing over $1.3 million.”

Now, Julie empowers other women, men, stay-at-home parents, mid-life career changers, and more to reimagine their financial future:

“I help people figure out how to use and leverage the internet to create financial freedom for themselves, their children, and their families.”

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