Here Are The Latest College Football Championship Odds. Finds Out Where Your Team Falls

here are the latest college football championship odds finds out where your team falls
Here Are The Latest College Football Championship Odds. Finds Out Where Your Team Falls

Alabama continues to lead the college football playoff field when it comes to national championship odds.

The odds, according to LVSuperBook, are as follows:

  • Bama 7/4
  • Clemson 4/1
  • Georgia, OhioSt 6/1
  • Michigan 10/1
  • Auburn, Washington 15/1
  • OU, Wisconsin 20/1
  • PennSt 25/1
  • Miami, MichSt, NDame, Texas 30/1
  • FSU, USC 40/1
  • LSU, WVU 60/1
  • MissSt, Stanford 80/1
  • UF, Nebraska, Oregon, TCU, A&M, VaTech 100/1

There are a couple takeaways here. The fact OSU is at 6/1 tells you just about everything you need to know about how the oddsmakers feel about Meyer’s suspension. They essentially view it as meaningless and having no impact. He will miss the first three games against Oregon State, Rutgers and TCU. OSU wouldn’t be sitting at 6/1 if oddsmakers actually believed there was any reasonable chance the whole scandal would have a negative impact. (RELATEDSEC FANS DON’T LIKE TO USE FACTS WHEN DISCUSSING COLLEGE FOOTBALL)

Second, how the hell do teams like Auburn and Washington have better odds than Wisconsin? That makes next to no sense. Both teams are ranked behind the Badgers and don’t have nearly as good of teams. Am I living in fantasy land? Are oddsmakers buying into the myth of the SEC? It doesn’t make sense to me one bit. I guess I’ll just scoop up Wisconsin at 20/1 for a title. You won’t catch me complaining when I’m cashing in. (RELATED: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD SHOULD FEAR WISCONSIN FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON)

Finally, I’m still glad to see Michigan is getting absurd odds. Man, there sure are going to be a lot of tears when Harbaugh fails to meet expectations once again.

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