Issa: Lawmakers Confirmed Ohr as ‘Willing’ Conduit With Fusion GPS, FBI

Issa: Lawmakers Confirmed Ohr as 'Willing' Conduit With Fusion GPS, FBI

Lawmakers confirmed that former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr was a “willing and constant conduit” between Fusion GPS and the FBI, and even if his wife didn’t work for Fusion, he still would have had a connection with the company, Rep. Darrell Issa said Wednesday.

“Not only we not have been in the middle of it, but his relationship, his prior relationship with the owner of Fusion GPS, Glen Simpson, appears to be how she got the job,” the California Republican told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

“He was talking about her being a Russian expert. There was no indication that she was sought after and worked regularly as a Russian expert but rather she got this job for $44,000 to be a conduit, a researcher.”

Ohr testified before Congress on Tuesday, but Issa said he does not think special counsel Robert Mueller wants to interview him because he doesn’t want the investigation to go in that direction.

“He wants to go from the Trump campaign, assuming that the FISA warrants were valid, forward to try to get Trump,” said Issa, “rather than going back and try to get Hillary [Clinton] and the DNC. Nobody is pushing back to find out, did the Democratic National Committee work with spies outside the U.S.?”

The spies did not have to be Russian, but could have also been British spies that hated Trump enough to change the information that would lead to a FISA warrant that would have allowed the FBI to eavesdrop on his campaign, said Issa.

“Not just since Watergate have we had this kind of a scandal and Mueller wants nothing to do with it,” said Issa. “He only wants to go forward from the FISA warrant, not back to find out it was invalid.”

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