Trump to AT&T: ‘Fire’ CNN News Chief Jeff Zucker

trump to att fire cnn news chief jeff zucker
Trump to AT&T: 'Fire' CNN News Chief Jeff Zucker

President Donald Trump on Thursday reiterated his attack on CNN over what he says is biased news coverage against him, saying the AT&T-owned news broadcaster should fire network news chief “Little Jeff” Zucker.

“Little Jeff Z has done a terrible job, his ratings suck, & AT&T should fire him to save credibility!” Trump said in a post on Twitter.

“What’s going on at @CNN is happening, to different degrees, at other networks – with @NBCNews being the worst,” he said in a second tweet. “The good news is that [NBC News Chairman] Andy Lack(y) is about to be fired(?) for incompetence, and much worse. When Lester Holt got caught fudging my tape on Russia, they were hurt badly!”

In a third Twitter post, Trump took aim again at the “dishonest” media.

“I just cannot state strongly enough how totally dishonest much of the Media is. Truth doesn’t matter to them, they only have their hatred & agenda. This includes fake books, which come out about me all the time, always anonymous sources, and are pure fiction. Enemy of the People!”

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