Cleveland Browns Get Hit With Awful News. Things Just Keep Getting Worse

cleveland browns get hit with awful news things just keep getting worse
Cleveland Browns Get Hit With Awful News. Things Just Keep Getting Worse

The Cleveland Browns severed ties with linebacker Mychal Kendricks late Wednesday after he was charged with insider trading, according to Adam Schefter.

TMZ reported the following details on the case:

Kendricks has admitted to breaking federal laws by trading perks for tips in a scheme to make an ill-gotten fortune. Officials say Kendricks turned $80k into roughly $1.2 million using private information that wasn’t available to the public.

Those consequences could be steep — he’s facing serious prison time if convicted. And, since he’s already confessed, he’ll almost certainly be convicted. Clearly, the Browns want no part of his legal drama and decided to simply cut bait Wednesday.

The Cleveland Browns are honestly the gift that keeps giving. They’re a nonstop content machine. They’ve had a crazy six months, and HBO’s “Hard Knocks” has been there to chronicle the whole thing. It’s the greatest gift football fans have had in a long time.

That’s why I hate this move so much from the Browns. You can’t cut Kendricks at this point. He might have done a little insider trading. Who cares? It’s not like he murdered somebody. I don’t remember an NFL player in my lifetime getting charged with something like this, and HBO’s cameras could be there to chronicle the whole thing. What were the Browns thinking when they let him go? (RELATED: THE CLEVELAND BROWNS FINALLY GET SOME GREAT NEWS. WILL THEY FINALLY WIN A GAME?)

Think about the ratings! This is a twist in the “Hard Knocks” storyline that absolutely nobody saw coming, and they cut him instead of letting it play out on all of our televisions. That’s a level of selfishness that football fans just shouldn’t have to put up with.

Shame on the Browns.

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