Kirk Cousins Reveals How Much Money The Jets Offered Him. It’s Pure Insanity

kirk cousins reveals how much money the jets offered him its pure insanity
Kirk Cousins Reveals How Much Money The Jets Offered Him. It’s Pure Insanity

Kirk Cousins may happily be a Minnesota Viking today, but his fate could have been very different had he wanted a little more dough in his pocket.

Shortly before Cousins was locked down by the Vikings, the New York Jets did almost everything in their power to sign him. In the new “NFL Life” series, Cousins gives cameras unfettered access inside the process of wheeling and dealing as a free agent in the NFL. (RELATED: Washington Redskins Hit Quarterback Kirk Cousins With The Franchise Tag)

In Episode 1, Cousins is shown on the phone with his agent Mike McCartney, discussing potential deal with the Jets.

“Mike just called, and the Jets came up to $30 [million per year],” Cousins tells his wife, who’s in the room with him. “Fully guaranteed, three-year deal.”

This was later confirmed by dozens of reports, which claimed the Jets were prepared to offer Cousins a $90 million deal, no questions asked. (RELATED: The New York Jets Sound Ready To Give Kirk Cousins Anything — That’s A Bad Idea)

But we later came to find out that Cousins leveraged the Jets’ offer to lock down a deal with the Vikings for just $4 million shy of the offer in New York.

“Mike, he’s just got to do the same thing with the Vikings. He’s got to get them from $25 [million per year] to something that’s competitive with the Jets offer,” Cousins explains on camera. “But the fact that we have the Jets offer is huge, because it gives other teams a reason to come up.”

And the Vikings came through. Cousins ended up inking a three-year, fully guaranteed deal with the 2017 NFC North champions. (RELATED: Kirk Cousins Expected To Sign Three-Year Fully Guaranteed Deal With The Vikings)

You can watch all of episode 1, “Path To Minnesota,” here.

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