Bizarre Twist: Asia Argento Counter-Accuses Jimmy Bennett Of ‘Sexual Attack’

bizarre twist asia argento counter accuses jimmy bennett of sexual attack
Bizarre Twist: Asia Argento Counter-Accuses Jimmy Bennett Of ‘Sexual Attack’

Despite recent allegations that Asia Argento sexually assaulted a 17-year-old Jimmy Bennett in 2013, the Italian actress isn’t done accusing men of sexual assault.

To get more specific: the Argento is now accusing her own accuser, now 22-year-old Jimmy Bennett, of a “sexual attack.” Last month, Argento completely denied having sexual contact with the minor, then claimed her former boyfriend Anthony Bourdain insisted on paying Bennett off to keep quiet. (RELATED: Asia Argento Completely Denies Sexually Assaulting A 17-Year-Old, Blames Payoff On Anthony Bourdain)

Argento claims Bennet “sexually attacked” her in 2013 (the same year Bennet claims she attacked him). Argento also claims she decided not to press charges because he was so “desperate.”

“She’s not using the word ‘rape.’ She’s saying he ‘sexually attacked’ her,” Argento’s new lawyer Mark Jay Heller told USA Today Wednesday.

Asked about the photo of the two in bed together, Heller responded, “I am not clear on the picture, I’m looking into that myself.”

Also released were several texts between Argento and a friend, where she admits to having sexual contact with Bennett but does claim, “The horny kid jumped me.”

Argento is currently working to ensure Bennett does not receive the remaining $130,000 of the total $380,000 to keep him silent.

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