Here Are The College Football Power Rankings After Week Two. Number Four Might Surprise You

here are the college football power rankings after week two number four might surprise you
Here Are The College Football Power Rankings After Week Two. Number Four Might Surprise You

Another week of college football is over, and that means it’s time for our latest rankings.

There isn’t a ton of shakeup this week, but things rarely stay the same in college football. Let’s dive right in.

1) Alabama

No surprise here at all. Alabama keeps rolling and obliterating everybody. They made Arkansas State look like a high school team Saturday. I have yet to see any evidence that the Crimson Tide can be beaten.

2) Ohio State

Another week goes by, and Ohio State blows out Rutgers. Stop me if you’ve heard me say something similar before. OSU is looking like the best team in the Big Ten right now, and they look capable of beating anybody.

3) Georgia

I foolishly thought South Carolina had a chance against the Bulldogs. They didn’t, and Georgia absolutely humiliated them in Columbia in front of their own fans. If there’s one team in the SEC capable of beating Alabama, it’s Georgia.

4) Clemson

Clemson dropped a spot after barely beating Texas A&M on the road. All we heard about all offseason was about how dominant Clemson’s defensive line was. However, the Aggies put up points, and they made some plays on that great defense. The Tigers won, but it was a shade disappointing. That’s why they went from three to four in our latest rankings.

5) Wisconsin

The Badgers started slowly against New Mexico before blowing them out in the second half. That might work just fine against the Lobos, but that won’t fly against OSU or Alabama. The only reason they’re still in my top five is that they looked amazing in the second half. Their first-half performance was pitiful.

Honorable mention: Oklahoma, Auburn, Stanford, LSU and West Virginia.

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