Ken Starr: Bill Clinton ‘Charming,’ But Attacks Were ‘Unrelenting, Personal’

ken starr bill clinton charming but attacks were unrelenting personal
Ken Starr: Bill Clinton 'Charming,' But Attacks Were 'Unrelenting, Personal'

Former Clinton special prosecutor Ken Starr Thursday drew comparisons between President Donald Trump’s legal team and ex-President Bill Clinton’s, saying that Clinton was “charming” but his attacks were “unrelenting and personal.”

“It was a constant assault, as you say, and it does, in fact, erode confidence in the administration of justice,” Starr, the author of “Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation,” told CNN’s “New Day.”

“If the prosecutor’s totally under attack all the time, it’s not good.”

Clinton may not have used the words “witch hunt,” said Starr, who wrote the report leading to the president’s impeachment, but “he unleashed very powerful hurricane-like forces.”

“It really was unrelenting, and it was also very personal,” said Starr. “The Clinton White House, and I talk about this, went out after people on my staff and they were going to take them out. I don’t mean physically, but they were going to take people out.”

However, Clinton had a “very different style” from Trump’s.

“He was very charming, but I tell you, he also had a very, very aggressive campaign, a propaganda campaign that Howard Kurtz rightly called the spin cycle,” said Starr.

However, Starr said he does not think that Mueller’s investigation is a “witch hunt,” and he wishes Trump would quit tweeting about it.

He also said he believes a sitting president can be indicted, but he warned against impeachment, as that “is hell” and another way should be found to resolve issues.

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