The Best Horror Show On Television Returns With A Wild Start

the best horror show on television returns with a wild start
The Best Horror Show On Television Returns With A Wild Start

“American Horror Story” returned this week with the new season “Apocalypse.”

As I’ve pointed out before, I’m a big fan of “AHS,” but some seasons have been severely lacking. You honestly have no idea what you’re going to get until the new season starts. Well, the latest season was awesome in its premiere.

The premise of the eighth season is incredibly simple. Nuclear ICBMs have wiped out pretty much the whole world. Our gang of characters was able to escape to some kind of elaborate fallout center, Outpost 3, being run by a shady organization known as the Cooperative. (RELATED: ONE OF THE GREATEST HORROR SHOWS ON TELEVISION RETURNS THIS WEEK. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW)

Just as fans had hoped, the show is going back to its dark roots. The first introduction viewers get to Outpost 3 is of two people being executed for having sex with each other. It only gets crazier from there.

“Apocalypse” doesn’t seem so far to lean on any supernatural elements yet, but they could obviously still be coming. It mostly seems pretty straightforward. The world is gone, a group of people has survived in Outpost 3 and the facility is being run by a bunch of lunatics.

It seems like a great premise for season eight.

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