The WasteNot App Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Reduce Food Waste in Your Home and Make a Global Impact

the wastenot app launches indiegogo campaign to reduce food waste in your home and make a global impact

SEATTLE, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Food waste is a global problem that requires a multitude of solutions and soon there will be a new tool available to help. Today, the WasteNot App campaign launched on Indiegogo. WasteNot is a mobile app designed to help reduce food waste at home by tracking inventory and providing rewards for reducing individual and household food waste.

WasteNot is hoping to raise more than $50,000 over the next 35 days to complete the app with preliminary designs completed by award-winning app developer Art + Logic.

“I am passionate about food and love to cook. However as much as I intend to use everything that we purchase, I often find myself having to throw away quality food that went bad or expired,” says John West, the founder of the WasteNot project. “The more I researched solutions on how to be more efficient with food, the more I found that food waste is a critical global issue. Learning about the environmental and social impact of food waste inspired me to find a solution that we as consumers can use in our everyday lives. I developed the WasteNot App as a useful and efficient tool to track and reduce our food waste, starting at home.”

The WasteNot App is an easy app you can use daily to track your food, manage your inventory, discover new recipes, monitor your impact and get rewards. WasteNot is the first app to effectively help reduce food waste on the household level while saving money and earning rewards. When completed the WasteNot App will feature:

  • Manage and track your food inventory
  • Send notifications and alerts when food is about to expire
  • Help users discover new recipes and preservation techniques for food that is expiring
  • Track how you are reducing waste and saving money
  • Offer rewards and promotions when reducing your impact and saving money

You can see support the campaign and see a preview of the WasteNot App here:

WasteNot has strategically partnered with other earth conscious and food saving brands including Bionicraft, WineSquirrel and GoSunStove to raise awareness around food waste and raise the funds necessary to complete and launch the WasteNot mobile app.

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