David Clarke to Newsmax TV: DOJ Saying ‘Oh Crap, Jig Is Up’

david clarke to newsmax tv doj saying oh crap jig is up
David Clarke to Newsmax TV: DOJ Saying 'Oh Crap, Jig Is Up'

President Donald Trump’s declassification of Justice Department and Director of National Intelligence documents related to the 2016 FISA warrant request goes down as an “oh, crap” moment for partisan DOJ and FBI officials, according to Retired Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Newsmax TV. 

“That’s their ‘oh, crap’ moment,” Clarke told Tuesday’s “America Talks Live.”

“There were a lot of people in the FBI and the Department of Justice saying to themselves, ‘Oh, crap, the jig is up.'”

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Amid a partisan rebuke of President Trump’s release of government documents that allegedly threatens national security by revealing DOJ and FBI sources and methods, Clarke told Newsmax TV hosts Miranda Khan, John Cardillo, and Dr. Gina Loudon that American people deserve transparency.

“This is what needs to happen,” Clarke said. “The stuff needs to be put into the light of day so that the American people know – forget about the politics.”

Clarke rejected the notion the documents release threatens national security, saying the politicization in former President Barack Obama’s administration against the opposition party was the real threat to America.

“That’s the national security threat: The American people don’t trust their government,” Clarke said.

The former sheriff finished with a conclusion the lengthy investigation into potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia has gone on too long and is now forcing the issue to justify itself, despite being unable to uncover evidence of collusion.

“When it goes on this long it takes on the appearance of a witch hunt,” Clarke said. “You’re gonna keep digging and digging and digging, and what you start to do is just start to manufacture things to take pieces of evidence that don’t fit in the puzzle. When you’re forcing them to fit, you seem desperate to do anything to get an indictment, either at the state level or at the federal level.

“That’s what this is taken as right now; it’s a witch hunt.”

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