DCNF Editor Says Democrats Only Bash The System When They Don’t Get Their Way

dcnf editor says democrats only bash the system when they dont get their way
DCNF Editor Says Democrats Only Bash The System When They Don’t Get Their Way

Editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller News Foundation Chris Bedford said Democrats only call for reform when things don’t go their way, Tuesday on “America’s Newsroom.”

The show’s panel was discussing a Sunday op-ed in The Atlantic by former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in which she claimed America’s democracy is at risk under President Donald Trump’s leadership. (RELATED: Chris Bedford Explains How The NYT Leaker Has Made A Huge Mistake And Actually Hurt The Resistance)

“We have an intelligence service that seems like it could have been undermining a presidential candidate. We have American citizens being spied on with secret courts. The democracy is under threat right now and it’s not because Democrats lost the election,” Bedford said.

Bedford said Democrats tend to only call for change when they are at a disadvantage or when they lose a political battle.


“This is a common thing that you see from Democrats,” he said. “If they lose something, that means the system doesn’t work.”

“Whether that system is Facebook, Twitter. Whether that system is democracy, the electoral college. They always say the system is broken. Democracy’s under threat because their ideas didn’t win and it might make sense,” Bedford added.

“Because if you live in New York, you don’t know anyone who disagrees with you. So they couldn’t even imagine how President Donald Trump could be president. But it happened because outside, there are people who disagree.”

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