The Greatest Super Bowl Games of All Time


The Greatest Super Bowl Games of All TimeThe NFL has produced some remarkable and jaw-dropping moment in its tenure. The fanbase of the American game has tremendously increased because the sport has attracted a lot of people all over the world including real money australian pokies fans. It is not a surprise that the NFL has generated a huge audience in online views. Many people who cannot attend Super Bowl matches have engaged in live streaming. And they have experienced all thrills and action of the game.

However, as much as the NFL Super Bowl has produced some great moments. But there are other games that will go down in history.

Super Bowl XLVI, Patriots vs Seahawks, 2015

After they experience a heavy defeat to the Giants in 2008. The Patriots made a comeback and resurrect themselves from their demons. The match they were facing against the defending champions Seattle Seahawks was surely a nail-biting one. These were the two best teams in the NFL during that time and the encounter did go down the wire. The Patriots took the lead into the final two minutes leading the Seahawks 28-24.

Super Bowl XXXIV, Rams vs Titans, 2000

This match was the greatest show for Rams as they salvaged a 16-0 lead against the Titans in the third quarter. The mojo of Kurt Warner, which saw the rise of sports betting online, managed to beat Isaac Bruce to scoop a touchdown pass that contributed to their lead. It was actually a one-way traffic match. With most of the attack coming from Rams. They pulled out quite a good performance, their electrifying movement is the reason why they made it to the list.

The Patriots vs Falcons, 2017

As much as we have to give credit to the Super Bowl matches above. It looks like we have a new best Super Bowl match of all time. Whoever thought that the Pats were going to stage that amazing comeback against the Falcons? Trailing 28-3 and the team was perceived to be dead in the water. But they pulled quite a performance sending the game into an extra frame with Tom Brady orchestrating the comeback after throwing the ball more than 400 yards to stage an equalizer that set a record of the most amazing NFL comebacks of all time.

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