Elizabeth Warren’s online Medicare For All Calculator doesn’t provide a realistic answer

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) Medicare for All plan raised several concerns since its introduction, with the biggest question naturally being – who’s going to pay for it?

Sen. Warren provided a Medicare for All Calculator designed to help people “find out what Elizabeth’s plan for Medicare for All will mean” for them. But the calculator does not give a specific answer, and just says Warren’s plan will benefit individuals regardless of their answer, reports Breitbart.

The calculator asks three questions, one of them being, “Roughly, how much do you spend each year on health care?”

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No matter what answer you provide, it will tell you will be able to save the same amount of money you typed in. If the user claims they spend $10,243 per year for instance, the calculator will answer that they would “bring home an estimated $10,243 more per year under Elizabeth’s Medicare for All plan.”

If the user types in $999 or less, Warren’s calculator claims, “You’d bring home more money per year under Elizabeth’s Medicare for All plan.” The site explains that it is because citizens won’t be required to “pay for premiums or copays or any of the other ways health insurance companies stick you with the bill.”

“Last year, 40 million people didn’t go to a doctor to check out a health problem because of costs, and 36 million people skipped a recommended test, treatment, or follow-up because of costs. Under Elizabeth’s plan, nobody will have to choose between their health and paying their bills,” the calculator says.

In a statement, Warren’s website says, “A key step in winning the public debate over Medicare for All will be explaining what this plan costs – and how to pay for it.”

“My plan will cover every single person in the U.S., and it includes common-sense payment reforms that make Medicare for All possible without spending any more money overall than we spend now.”

Warren’s Medicare for All proposal, which will cost $52 trillion, was released on Friday. Her website claims that middle-class taxes will not be raised “by one penny.”

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