Robert De Niro blasts President Trump in MSNBC interview

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Actor Robert De Niro took aim at President Trump on Saturday, during his appearance on MSNBC program “AM Joy,” weighing in on the impeachment proceedings and calling the president a “fake,” a “gangster” and a “genuine loser.”

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Background: De Niro has often criticized President Trump throughout his presidency. He referred to him as a “gangster president” in an interview with The Guardian last month, and aimed an expletive at the president at the 2018 Tony Awards ceremony.

“We have a gangster president who thinks he can do anything he wants,” he told the outlet. “The problem is, if he actually gets away with it, then we all have a problem. The gall of the people around him who actually defend him, these Republicans, is appalling, and we must do something about it,” he told the publication. “He’s an idiot. He’s a fool. He’s a buffoon. He’s silly. He’s tacky. He’s dangerous.”

Impeachment: De Niro told host Joy Reid that Democrats need to impeach the president because he “has done something wrong” and “has to pay for that.”

“If we don’t go through [with] this impeachment inquiry, we’re letting him get away with something…we just gotta move forward and take our chances,” he said.

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Criticizing Trump: The two then discussed De Niro’s latest movie “The Irishman,” which prompted Reid to note that the president has been labeled a “gangster” who might be “behaving at the behest of gangsters, like the leader of Russia.”

“I have no idea why they follow him ’cause he’s not even a good gangster. He can’t even keep his word about anything. I think in the real gangster world, he wouldn’t last long,” the actor fired off. “He lasts long in his own little real estate world, where he’s the boss because he’s the boss and he inherited all that money and he’s a fool. In the real world, he wouldn’t last long. That’s my feeling.” De Niro said.

“Trump is not a billionaire. He is a fake president. Everything that he says negative about other things or other people is what he is saying about himself, so he is fake. He is a loser. He is a genuine loser. He’s just a total huckster, he’s a hustler,” he argued.

Who does De Niro support? The actor expressed support for South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who still hasn’t announced a presidential bid, saying that the US needs a president to repair “the damage that has been done.”

“Personally, I think somebody like Buttigieg would be capable of doing that. He’s young, but he’s got all the qualifications,” he said.

“He’s a grown-up, and he’s run this city for three terms. He’s an executive. He hasn’t done everything perfectly, but he’s very, very good; he’ll get us out of this mess. I think he sees right now that he has to jump in because he has to jump in,”  De Niro said of Bloomberg.

Watch the interview here.

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