Pete Buttigieg receives hostility over a 2010 Tea Party speech and a 2017 Instagram photo

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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is facing harsh criticism for his kind words of the Tea Party, during a 2010 speech.

The speech: According to the Washington Examiner, Buttigieg addressed a group called Citizens for Common Sense, which is affiliated with the Tea Party while running for Indiana state treasurer.

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“I have to admit, as a Democrat, that many of my friends and supporters looked at me as if I was absolutely nuts when I suggested that I would be coming tonight to speak with a group that’s often identified with the Tea Party,” Buttigieg said.

“There are some, especially in my party, who think the Tea Party’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Republican Party. But there are many others who believe that the Tea Party’s motivated by real concerns about the direction of our government and the responses of our government to citizens,” he added.

Criticism: His speech, which reappeared on social media this week, drew unwanted attention from the Left.

2020 Democratic presidential campaigns have also denounced Buttigieg’s comments.

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The Instagram post: Buttigieg’s speech was not the only issue that sparked outrage on social media. People also lambasted Buttigieg over a resurfaced Instagram image, posted by his husband Chasten Buttigieg in 2017, which shows the 2020 presidential candidate posing at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The photo was captioned, “This guy.”

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Criticism: Twitter and Instagram users believe his picture is disrespectful to the Holocaust victims, and while taking pictures at the memorial is a common occurrence in today’s society, it is still considered inappropriate.

“I can’t believe people still use a holocaust memorial for a photo-OP. Absolutely sickening,” one user commented under the picture. “Enormously disrespectful. No idea of context or sensitivity. This is not the place for selfies or “this guy” sentiments. Enormous gaffe. Ouch,” added another.

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