He did it for the memes?!! Musk claims cybertruck orders through the roof after presentation ‘fiasco’

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There is no such thing as bad PR, apparently, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk now claiming the electric car maker has received nearly 150,000 pre-orders for his ‘cybertruck’, after its unveiling spawned a torrent of online mockery.

Two days after his car-crash of a presentation (no pun intended) of the futuristic Cybertruck vehicle, Musk declared on Twitter that the orders for the peculiar-looking electric car has soared.

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Elon Musk and his Cybertruck © AFP / FREDERIC J. BROWN
Fragile glass, handle with care: BULLETPROOF windows on Elon Musk’s electric truck crack during awry live demo (VIDEO)

On Saturday, Musk tweeted that the company has received 146,000 orders so far, with the majority of the customers, 42 percent, opting for the model with dual motors.

Bragging about the sales numbers, Musk noted that his latest creation’s success was not due to marketing, as the company did not run any ad campaign, nor it paid for outside endorsement.

While that might be true, the presentation on Thursday, a spectacle in itself, still took social media by storm, but for all the wrong reasons.

The pompous presentation did not go without a hitch by all means and saw Musk enduring embarrassment on stage as Tesla’s chief designer smashed the supposedly “practically bulletproof” windows of the car with metal balls.

In addition to that, netizens ripped the car’s oddball design apart, flooding Twitter with a sea of cybertruck-inspired memes.

Responding to the Musk’s latest tweet, some suggested that it’s the power of the memes that boosted the sales.

 “Memes are the best form of free advertisement,” a commenter wrote.

 “Haha v true,” Musk agreed, prompting many to wonder if the toughness test that supposedly went awry was in fact a clever marketing ploy.

Many initially thought that the metal balls’ stunt was spontaneous. However, Musk later released the video showing a rehearsal of the test which he said was filmed “right before launch.”

While Musk’s presentation “fiasco” apparently did not make his devout fans to turn away from him, investors were less than impressed. Forbes reported Saturday Musk’s personal net worth plunged $768m in a single day after the showcase, as Tesla’s share price went down 6 percent.

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