US-senator Ted Cruz jokes he is mysterious Skyjacker ‘Dan Cooper’… triggers avalanche of reasons why it’s not the case

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One of the most mysterious skyjackings has finally been solved. At least, if we go by the admission of US-Senator Ted Cruz. And Twitter was there to give its take in the matter.

In 1971, a man using the alias ‘Dan Cooper’, managed to hijack a plane and walk away with $200.000 in ransom. Despite allocating huge amounts of money, time and energy, the real identity of the hijacker still remains one of the biggest mysteries, for both FBI and conspiracy zealots alike.

Though Ted Cruz effectively couldn’t be the mysterious Cooper, being born only a year after the plane hijack took place in 1972, this didn’t stop the US-Senator from retweeting a FBI-post, and jokingly ‘admit’ that he was the mysterious skyjacker.

Twitter being Twitter, immediately set off to mock the Texas Republican for his ‘admission’.

Some revived old rumors about Cruz being the Zodiac Killer…

Others couldn’t resist pointing out how it would be ‘physically’ impossible for Ted Cruz to be the mystery Skyjacker, taking aim at his weight

And then there were those that warned the Senator that, in the midst of the impeachment probe by the US-democrats against President Donald Trump, Cruz’s joke could turn on him.

And if all else fails…blame Russia.

On 24th November 1971 ‘Dan Cooper’ bought a one-way ticket for flight 305 bound for Seattle, Washington. After the Boeing 727 took off, Cooper made his move and demanded four parachutes and $200,000 in twenty-dollar bills, or else he would set off the bomb he brought with him in his briefcase. The plane landed in Seattle, and the authorities were able to safely exchange the flight’s 36 passengers for the hefty sum and the four parachutes. After the plane took off to set course for Mexico City, Cooper managed to do the unthinkable: he parachuted out of the airplane with the ransom money and disappeared into the night.

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