Trump tweets picture of his head on Rocky Balboa’s body, internet explodes in speculation

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An image of US President Donald Trump’s head neatly photoshopped onto the body of iconic film boxer Rocky Balboa, tweeted wordlessly from the president’s account, has set social media afire with questions. What does it mean?

The photo was clearly a professional job, with Trump’s skin tone blended into the chiseled shirtless physique of Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone. It was unleashed on Wednesday morning, absent any verbal context – a rarity in presidential tweeting. Social media sleuths immediately began analyzing the significance of the image.

It was the day before Thanksgiving – was this Trump suiting up to fight against the “War on Thanksgiving,” an apparent extension of the “War on Christmas” that drew liberal mockery earlier in the week? Or a war on…something else?

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Trump ‘likes the idea’ of testifying in impeachment ‘hoax’ to get Congress ‘focused’

Impeachment was a top contender, given that Trump had recently tweeted about possibly testifying in the ongoing impeachment inquiry in the House, even stating he was “fighting for future Presidents and the Office of the President.

Others immediately thought of Russia, whose own boxer Ivan Drago was beaten by Rocky in the fourth film in the series.

Trump supporters went along with the plot, stroking the president’s ego with tongues planted firmly in cheek. “Haters will say it’s photoshopped,” one user tweeted. Another echoed the flattery: “Is this doctored?” 

Perhaps it was pure trolling?

The #Resistance did what it does, dredging up a photo album’s worth of unflattering Trump photos…

… and creating a few images of their own.

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