In Bizarre Twist Of Events, Vern Unsworth’s Lawyer Capitulates To Elon Musk On Twitter

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In Bizarre Twist Of Events, Vern Unsworth’s Lawyer Capitulates To Elon Musk On Twitter

Just when you thought the “pedo guy” story couldn’t get any stranger than a high priced lawyer striking out on what many believed to be a layup of a case against a billionaire, we get tonight’s stunning Tweet from L. Lin Wood, Vern Unsworth’s (former) lawyer. 

In Bizarre Twist Of Events, Vern Unsworth's Lawyer Capitulates To Elon Musk On Twitter

After losing at trial to Elon Musk, lawyer L. Lin Wood took to Twitter to explain – not why his client was wronged by the verdict – but rather, why the verdict against him was correct. It’s an admission that, even if he believed it, would be a stunning slap in the face to his client and would have many questioning why Wood would take the case to begin with. Late on Monday night, Wood tweeted:

Twitter immediately blew up with outrage at Wood, with some speculating he was paid off by Musk, blackmailed or is simply just an incompetent lawyer looking to make excuses for his poor performance.

Regardless, the acknowledgment that the verdict against him “spoke the truth” is a bizarre statement for any attorney to make after losing at trial in such a public forum. 

Many on Twitter asked Wood to consider the feelings of his client:

Others speculated that he was simply making excuses:

Some asked about the obvious potential impact this could have on Unsworth’s pending litigation, should he decide to appeal in the U.S. or pursue a case in the U.K.: 

Others suggested ethics violations and malpractice:

While some speculated that there were perhaps more nefarious forces at work:

Regardless, L. Lin Wood now joins the long line of those who have elected to – for one reason or another – continue to enable Elon Musk’s behavior, behind his entire board of directors, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the NHTSA. 

And with the Federal Reserve doing everything it can to prevent a market pullback or recession, the normal market forces that would sever the head off such an obvious money losing disaster no longer exist to correct these types of malinvestment. 

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