Dem primary chaos: Millionaire actress roasted for stopping crowd from booing Hillary & whining about living on ‘crumbs’

Dem primary chaos: Millionaire actress roasted for stopping crowd from booing Hillary & whining about living on ‘crumbs’ CLICK HERE to Read This Article At The Original Source

Former ‘Sex and the City’ actress Cynthia Nixon campaigned for Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, but found herself the target of Twitter mockery for fighting off Hillary Clinton boos and complaining about living on “crumbs.”

Sanders has been leaning heavily on celebrity endorsements as the race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination heats up, from ‘Dances with Wolves’ star Kevin Costner to rock band The Strokes.

Nixon was one of the stars making the case for the Vermont senator in New Hampshire ahead of the state’s primary on Tuesday — but her speech went viral for all the wrong reasons. The actress, who unsuccessfully tried running for New York City governor in 2018, at one point mentioned Hillary Clinton and the name elicited immediate boos from the crowd, which did not sit well with the former Clinton supporter.

“Oh, no, no we are not going to do that here!” Nixon yelled at the crowd. 

Clinton is not a favorite among Sanders supporters, especially in light of the former secretary of state recently claiming “nobody likes” the candidate, who was also her 2016 party nomination rival.

For many online, the moment was just a fresh example of a divided Democratic Party. Some slated Nixon for trying to quieten down the boos, while one Twitter user humorously questioned whether the booing would end up “being the difference between first and second place” in the Iowa caucus debacle.

Despite tension with the crowd over the booing, Nixon did her best to promote Sanders’ left wing policies, saying she was tired of being forced to “subsist on crumbs” and that the senator presents an opportunity for people to “demand the whole damn pie.”

Considering her net worth is estimated to be $25 million and the fact that she starred in one of the most successful television franchises of all time, folks questioned whether the actress knew anything about trying to get by on “crumbs,” with one commenter tweeting that “She’s got a lot more crumbs than anyone I have ever even met.”

“Please send your ‘crumbs’ my way!” another added.

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