‘Impeached president says what?’ Bloomberg hits back at Trump ‘Mini Mike the pathetic debater’ jibe

‘Impeached president says what?’ Bloomberg hits back at Trump ‘Mini Mike the pathetic debater’ jibe CLICK HERE to Read This Article At The Original Source

US President Donald Trump has lashed out at billionaire Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg (again), this time calling him a “pathetic debater” with no respect for American farmers. Bloomberg hit back with some snark of his own.

Tweeting on Wednesday, Trump asked whether the “corrupt” Bloomberg News channel would admit that its owner “Mini Mike” was a pathetic debater. The tweet came ahead of the upcoming Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas – the first in which Bloomberg will take part. Trump previously bestowed the nickname ‘Mini Mike’ on the former New York mayor in reference to his short stature.

In the tweet, the president also said Bloomberg “doesn’t respect” farmers and accused him of violating campaign finance laws “at the highest and most sinister level.”

Bloomberg was blasted by farmers this week after a resurfaced video of a speech he gave at London’s Oxford University in 2016 showed him saying he could “teach anybody to be a farmer.” All it takes, he said, is “to dig a hole, put a seed in, put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn.”

It took Bloomberg only 15 minutes to hit back at Trump via Twitter, though he ignored the specific accusations, and wrote simply: “Impeached president says what?”

As for the accusations of campaign finance violations, it wasn’t the first time Trump had suggested fellow New York billionaire Bloomberg was trying to “buy” the Democratic nomination for president. On Tuesday, he compared Bloomberg’s massive personal spending on his campaign to “nothing less than a large scale illegal campaign contribution.”

He also used that opportunity to take another swipe at Bloomberg’s height, warning him there should be “no standing on boxes” at the Nevada debate.

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