I’m Maxwell Bero, progressive Democrat from Maryland’s 6th District challenging the wealthiest self-funded congressman in US history. AMA

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Hello! I’m Maxwell Bero, candidate for the House of Representatives from Maryland’s 6th District. I’m a public high school social studies teacher in a very high-need area, many of my students receive free lunches from the school due to economic struggles, and a large part of the student body come from immigrant families or are immigrants themselves. I currently live and work in the 6th district, and my wife and I also grew up and graduated high school in the district. I’m running because for the last 8 years, my district has been represented by extremely wealthy moderate democrats who don’t live in the district. In 2018, the current incumbent spent over $18 million if his own money to win 40% of the vote in an 8-person primary field before winning the general election in November.

When elected, my priorities will be addressing climate change, fighting for universal single-payer healthcare, regulating large technology corporations, and reforming public education. I believe that climate change is the great existential crisis of our time, and needs to be aggressively addressed before it’s too late. I believe that healthcare is a human right, and that the richest country in the history of the world shouldn’t have citizens who can’t get the care they need. I believe that large technology corporations are taking advantage of Congress to take away freedom on the internet and restrict personal privacy. I believe that public education in this country is fundamentally broken, and, as a career educator, I bring a unique and important voice to the table.

Please check out my website, www.MaxwellBero.com, to learn more about me and other positions I have, and follow me @BeroForCongress on all social media.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/VnlhAba


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