I’m Russ Cirincione, a New Deal Democrat for Congress. America needs a federal jobs guarantee, a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, pandemic protections and a UBI. I want to get the money out of Washington, and the People in. AMA!

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I have a few questions for everyone: How can Americans have peace of mind, if our government isn’t protecting us from pandemics and the climate crisis? Can you imagine how much happier everyone would be if all basic, human needs were guaranteed as rights? Also, are you doing ok in this national emergency? Please DM me if you think I could help, even if it’s just to listen.

About me: I’m 32 years old, a government attorney, and a dad. The climate crisis is the greatest threat to my son’s life and his future. We have ten years to clean up our world and it’s now or never. My home will flood twice a month by 2035. A new gas pipeline is proposed a few miles from my house. The fossil fuel companies will not stop until every ounce of oil on this planet is burned. They have come for my family – and they’ve messed with the wrong father.

I support the Green New Deal to protect our homes and our families. The federal jobs guarantee will create millions of good jobs, even during national crises like this one.

For four years I’ve been a public servant, an attorney for housing justice, for New York State government. Last year I helped draft a law to protect ~200,000 people in manufactured homes, mostly seniors. We banned unfair evictions and banned fraudulent lenders. I also defend the Rent Stabilization Law in court. I support rent stabilization and housing for all because no one should be homeless.

As an organizer and activist, last year alone, one movement I volunteered for blocked wall street from purchasing up a local town’s water supply, and another required a local town to buy 100% renewable energy. I’ve learned that even small changes make a big difference, and every fight counts. But it takes armies of ordinary people to effect it.

The system is rigged for the top 1%. Billionaires buy elections, mega corporations crush out small businesses, they buy tax loopholes, they pay less tax than working people, and they get so many government handouts. The main reason our government doesn’t work is because of the money in politics. We have to ban lobbyists, ban private donations, and switch to publicly financed elections. If we get the money out, it’s the reform of all reforms.

That’s why I’m committed to never take a penny of corporate PAC money, nor lobbyist money. One cannot have two masters, it’s either the money, or the People, and I choose the People.

I’m a New Deal Democrat. I want to guarantee you and your family peace of mind in a chaotic world with basic economic rights. Healthcare as a right with Medicare for All. A UBI (with no strings attached). We need to rethink our food system, ban factory farms, increase food inspections, indoor vertical farms for organic food at cost. We’ve got to end the scam of student loan debt, college should be free. I want to expand social security to be enough to retire on. I want to end endless wars overseas.

The incumbent Democrat I’m running against, Frank Pallone, has been in office for 32 years, and he’s powerful. As chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, he could call a vote on almost any bill. He’s sponsored by millions from big pharma and insurance, so of course he blocks Medicare for All (HR 1384). He takes millions from fossil fuel companies, so of course he thinks the Green New Deal is unfeasible. Well, I think it’s mandatory. His “Clean Future Act” is corporate socialism–Americans would pay the price to build fossil fuel pipelines, until 2050. This is failed leadership and it’s 20 years too late. I’ve been waiting for real, meaningful change my whole life. The time is now.

I hope you join our campaign! We’ve raised about $25,000 from an average donation of $26, and we’re seeing our lowest numbers these past few weeks. So I really need your help!

Check out my website and social media please!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/vkj60xqmhgr41.jpg

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