I’m Dane Wilcox, a 33 year old Democrat challenging an 24 year incumbent in the race for Oregon Congressional District 3. I have some bold ideas and want to make a difference, including the most detailed plan to fight climate change, end homelessness, and more. AMA.

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Hi, I’m Dane Wilcox and I am running for Congress in Oregon’s 3rd district against the incumbent Earl Blumenauer. I have always thought outside the box and I want to change the way things work in Washington, DC. I am tired of corporations and billionaires running the show and writing our laws for their benefit while ignoring the struggle of the majority. I believe in 2020 we will have a real chance to affect change in government and society itself.

OR-3 is one of the most progressive areas in our country and I don’t feel that our current representative is reflecting that. I have spent the last several years brainstorming and researching my main platform which I call, the Fight to Unite Initiative. It is a very detailed plan on how we can actually implement the structural changes that we need in our country, something that no other candidate or Congressperson has taken on.

The concise website can be found here: Fight2Unite.com The “short” version (25 page pdf with over 100 citations) can be found here: FightToUniteInitiative.com

I am in the process of updating these resources as the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how broken our system is and our country’s recovery will require more than I initially asked for.

To sum it up: I want to use the historical precedent of Eisenhower using defense funds and resources to tackle a whole host of issues. I have a detailed roadmap to create the green energy we will need across the country, provide affordable housing and end homelessness, fight income inequality, provide education to all that need it, build and repair road/bridge infrastructure, provide high speed internet to all Americans, provide universal childcare, increase access to medical care (which includes mental health care), hold corporations and the wealthy accountable, revitalize rural economies, institute a large scale sustainable agriculture program with independent farmers, reduce crime, and so much more.

I have always been a small business owner and I want to become a leader in the next generation of our government to ensure that everyone has a chance at the American Dream. I have successfully taken Uber to court and won, I am not afraid to stand up and do the right thing no matter the opponent.

I will do my best to answer every question that comes in and make sure all your voices are heard, I appreciate your patience. I hope you are staying safe in these trying times.

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