I’m Jaime Harrison, the “Democratic Challenger” to Sen. Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. I’m running for Senate to bring hope back to the working families of SC and to #SendLindseyHome. AMA!

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Hey Reddit, thanks for having me!

I grew up in Orangeburg, SC. I was the son of a single mom and learned to read from comic books. My grandparents helped raise me. They didn’t have a lot, but they taught me the important stuff: that hard work and character, matter.

I earned a scholarship to Yale University, and eventually Georgetown Law. I came back to South Carolina to teach 9th grade social studies before I went to work for Congressman Jim Clyburn. During my time in his office, I was the first African-American Executive Director of the House Democratic Caucus and Floor Manager for the House Majority Whip, which Rep. Clyburn became when the Democrats took control of the House in 2006.

I served as the first African-American Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party before deciding to run for Senate. My most important job, though, is that I’m now raising my two boys with my wife, Marie, in Columbia, SC.

The American Dream is alive and well for some, but not all Americans. Here in South Carolina, rural hospitals are closing, schools are underfunded, roads are crumbling, and our coasts are threatened by offshore drilling. We need a Senator who’s fighting to improve the lives of South Carolinians rather than focusing on interests in Washington D.C.

I’m running for Senate to fight for opportunity for all South Carolinians. I know that when your community needs help, political party affiliations don’t matter.

Ask me anything about my campaign, how Lindsey Graham has forgotten the people of South Carolina and our country, or baking (one of my favorite hobbies, especially during quarantine)! I’ll be on around 3 PM EST to answer your questions.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/36idpf4877051.jpg

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